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Volkswagen Amarok

This vehicle of ours, equipped with dual range gearbox and differential lock is a basic feature of our off-road programmes and trainings. Of course if larger events require, we are able to provide up to 40 such vehicles for the guests. Come and try it!

Skoda Yeti

For our crossover trainings and the gasoline fume programme we provide a Yeti to be rented and it is very popular with our guests. Its favourite terrain is the moto cross track, where it successfully climbs even the most difficult hills.

Double Trabant

On the summer of 2013 one of our clients wanted something extra for our programme Petrol Fumes, something that is extraordinary. This is how the idea came to build a car that is absolutely unique on one hand, and is suitable for team building trainings on the other. To this end we purchased two Trabants in normal condition, and gave them to a skilled body-and-fender man and within two weeks he built them into one: after having them cut in half, welded the front of the two together. This is how this vehicle, having two engines and two steering wheels started its career, to give great joy to those participating in our programmes.

Drift Wagen

From the spring of 2016 you can try our new and very interesting car if you come and visit the Off-road Centrum. This ageing Volkswagen may look like an average everyday Golf but its meagre looks conceal a very special vehicle. For many it is strange that the car has its steering wheel on the right, but the extra is that we have swapped the steering of the car. If you turn the wheel to the right, the car moves to the left, and if you steer left, the car turns right.  Other surprises in the car!
The teams have to drive along a trial track with this strange machine, which will prove wonderful entertainment for everybody.

Crazy Golf

We wanted something exciting. Let’s make it a right hand-drive.
This in itself creeps most of us out, but there’s more… We have also reversed steering, so you steer it to the right and it goes left and vice versa. The gas pedal is in the glove compartment. Sorry, where? Yeah, that’s right. We also provide a map for the pre-set track to confuse brave drivers even more. You’ll be done for here as well. The track requires any kind of area of approx. 20x30 metres. You’ll go nuts if you try it.

Blind Bus

We painted all windows black. Pitch-black inside. A camera outside, your only window to the outer world is a tablet. Experience in simulators is an advantage. The track requires any kind of area of approx. 30x40 metres. Prepare to get dizzy when you get out. Up to 10 persons can fit into the car at once.

Mobil Offroad

As a unique thing in Hungary but also in the whole of Europe, we have a mobile off-road track that consists of three separate modules. It is suitable for off-road vehicle demonstrations or any other event or festival where the organisers wish to offer something very special for the participants of their event.

The structure is easily transportable anywhere and can be installed on an area of 1,500 square metres on a plain, even ground of concrete, asphalt or grass. Installation and dismantling of the track takes 2-2 hours. The track may be used with our own off-road vehicles or those on display, for example car dealers demonstrations. Our experienced instructors are also available to drive the vehicles.   

1. module is the seesaw which is interesting to watch but exciting to experience. In practice it is a seesaw for cars on which our instructors try to keep in balance the cars weighing more than 2 tonnes, which is a hard task, presenting great amusement for the passengers. 

2. module, is a variety of the seesaw, having only one side of the car driven on it. This will warm the passengers for the next stage, the more than  30 % side slant. 

3. module is the most exciting part of the track. It is a fantastic experience if anyone dares to come here with us. The vehicles are driven uphill in  45° to the top of the five metre high steel mountain, from where they descend on a similar slope. The feeling is not similar to anything experienced before. Uphill it is virtually lying on our backs on the back rest of the seat, while downhill we can almost stand up in the car. This is where this adrenalin ridden journey ends, which guarantees life long memories for all the participants.


Or should we rather call it  a miniature front end shovel loader? So far you have only seen it at building sites, but here you can try driving it! It is an exceptional experience to manage this vehicle, that is done with a single joystick.

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