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Quality assurance

Our most important strategy is to provide a quality and customer-friendly service in trainings and events based on participants’s feedback. We have been doing our work to accord to the quality assurance system for this purpose since 2005 - keeping in mind the needs of our customers.


The great forest within the internal area of Hungaroring is not only suitable for off-road driving trainings on its narrow paths, but for several other programmes too.

Team building trainings, GPS based treasure hunt games, company family days and several other fantastic out-door programme is possible here for up to 1000 guests.

Since this is the centre of Hungarian motoring sports, the main attraction of the programmes is motoring activities. In the events of the Off-road Centrum we can provide the guests with off-road vehicles, quad and heavy duty vehicle fleet as well, for the teams to compete against each other, using our vehicles.


INEOS grenadier brand introduction

"We chose the Off-Road Center in Mogyoród as the stop of the INEOS Grenadier brand launch and international tour in Hungary. Special needs were handled flexibly, and we resolved any issues quickly.

The preparation of the event and the site visit went smoothly. Many years of experience, routine and knowledge were evident in the work of the instructors and program managers present.

Special thanks to the instructors who took part in the program, who also did their job as real professionals in handling, communicating with them and handling situations.

Overall, the three-day program went smoothly, thanks to the thoroughness and expertise of the colleagues at the Off-Road Center."

János Szlifka General manager

Volkswagen meeting


Hungaroring and Off-road Centrum has been the home of the greatly popular  Volkswagen meeting for years. Part of it is the Transporter Hippie Village and the Volkswagen Amarok and other VW SUV tests. On the great open grassland in the heart of the race track there is an expo of Transporters, street food and several popular programmes that make visitors come back year to year.

On the off-road driving track and the wonderful forest paths our guests can test their own off-road vehicles.

Tyre showcase

BF Goodrich, TOYO Tyres, Good Year, General Tire

Car shows

Michelisz Norbert ajánlásával

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