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Discover our tracks:
- 5 ha large cross tracks
20 km long forest road
The nine obstacles of track


Trial track

In this grassy area, belonging to the Off-road Centrum, we practice emergency braking off-road, examining the behaviour of ABS that is helpful on asphalt, but not so much so when off the road. 

The forest

Stream beds, muddy roads even in the driest months, that are enough to give you enough experience not to be surprised at anything anymore, after you come and do our training here.
Along the 17 km network of roads the difficulty of driving increases gradually. By the end of the day, the drivers will be brave enough to enter areas where in the morning of the training day, they would not have gone even on foot. 

Cross track

Hungaroring cross track is one of the basic elements of our  off-road trainings. Following the theoretical education, this is the area where our clients have the first chance to test the abilities of their vehicles. Here they can learn about the advantages of dual range transmission, electronic off-road driver’s assistance as well as the nature of ramp angles. This large open, varied terrain is a great warm-up for the next stage.

Off-road training track

The nine obstacles of this track, designed for off-road vehicles will prepare everyone for real life situations off the road. These nine obstacles are the following: 
• steep climb and slope
• 25 degree side slanting bank
• canyon
• 35 degree left slant
• water ditch
• ramp
• kerbs
• opposing wave
• mud ditch
• 40 degree climb

On the steep climb and the following sudden slope we examine the advantages of dual range transmission.  
On the  25° side slanting bank we leave behind our worries and get familiar with the limits of stability before the vehicle topples.
At the ’small canyon’ we descend into a stream bed, from where we emerge after learning how to use the differential lock.
35° slide slant, where instead of right, we make the vehicle slant left side. 
Water ditch with 50 cm deep water, to practice the technique of crossing a stream.  
On the 2,5 m high ramp we practice crossing a log bridge. 
On the  kerbs we try to find the right solution when driving on rocks. 
On the obstacle called opposing wave, we analyse the importance of the differential lock, and examine differences of bogies.
 On the  90% climb we practice the technique of driving uphill. 

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