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- 5 ha large cross tracks
20 km long forest road
The nine obstacles of track


Hungaroring Off-road Centrum introduction

Hungaroring, near Budapest, that has been the home of Hungarian Formula-1 races for 30 years boasts a brilliant feature that makes it unique all over the world. This feature is the Off-road Centrum. Its paths in the wilderness and breathtaking environment welcomes guests who would like to try themselves in extreme situations. It is perfect relaxation for everyone who wants to experience the limits of co-operation between man and machine, as well as the fear when driving down a steep slope or following the curves of forest paths that lead to narrow valleys. To feel how much control they have over their vehicles when the boredom of motorways is left behind. In the 30 hectare forest there is more than 20 km of road network, full of natural obstacles (ditches, slopes, climbs, hardly passable parts).

  Off-road Centrum offers  4x4 Trainings, as well as perfect environment for excellent team building events. 

Michelisz Norbert ajánlásával

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